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Ida Gotkovsky, b. 1933, is a French composer and professor at the Paris Conservatory. She is celebrated in the clarinet community for numerous contributions to our repertoire, including two concertos, Chanson, Images de norvège, and Variation de printemps for clarinet and piano, an unaccompanied clarinet sonata, and several chamber works.

Ida Gotkovsky (b. 1933)

Ida Rose Esther Gotkovsky (born 26 August 1933) is a French composer and pianist. She is currently a professor of music theory at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique in France.

Gotkovsky was born on 26 August 1933 in Calais. Her father was the violinist Jacques Gotkovsky of the Loewenguth Quartet and her mother also played the violin. Both her brother Ivar (a pianist) and her sister Nell (a violinist) became accomplished musicians. Gotkovsky began composing at the age of eight. She studied at the Paris Conservatoire, where her teachers included Olivier Messiaen and Nadia Boulanger.

She won six prestigious first prize music awards for her compositions, including the Prix Blumenthal (1958), Prix Pasdeloup (1959), Prix de Composition Concours International de Divonne les Bains (1961), Médaille de la Ville de Paris (1963), Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris (1966) and the Prix Lili Boulanger (1967).[1]

Gotkovsky’s output includes chamber musicsymphoniesinstrumental musicvocal musicballets, and operas. Notably, she has contributed many solo and chamber pieces for the saxophone. Her Concerto for Trombone (1978) has been compared to Messiaen, and her Suite for Tuba and piano (1959) reveals influence of Hindemith.[2] She is also recognized for having written important works for band.[3][4]

Gotkovsky’s music credo is: “To create a universal musical art and to realize the oneness of musical expression through the ages by means of a contemporary musical language with powerful structures.”

To the clarinet repertory Gotkovsky has contributed several compositions: two works for clarinet and piano, Chanson, and Images de norvège (Images of Norway), an unaccompanied clarinet sonata in four movements, two concertos, Éolienne, for either clarinet and harp or piano (available in other instrumentations), a trio for Trio for violin, clarinet and piano, and a clarinet quartet.

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Sonata for Solo Clarinet | 1984

Images de norvège (Images of Norway) | 1977
Clarinet and piano
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Images of Norway version 1
Images of Norway version 2

Chanson | 1970
Clarinet and piano
Listed under her catalogue as a pedagogical work
Purchase link

Concerto Lyrique |
Clarinet and orchestra or wind ensemble
Purchase Link (piano reduction)
Recording (external website)

Concerto |
Clarinet and orchestra or wind ensemble
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Recording (external website)

Variation de printemps |
Clarinet and piano
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Trio |
Clarinet, violin, piano
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Clarinet quartet |
Three B-flat clarinets and bass clarinet
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