Clarinet and Piano

Clarinet Music by Women Composers:
Clarinet and Piano

The following women wrote music for clarinet and piano. Composers are alphabetized by last name, and grouped by century. Some composers may appear in two tables. Click a composer’s name to read her biography, listen to musical examples of her clarinet compositions, and find purchase or download links for scores and parts.

19th Century

Last, First Name Title Date
Adayevskaya, Ella Sonata Greca 1881
Grandval, Marie Deux Pieces 1885
Holmès, Augusta Fantaisie; 1900
Molto Lento c. 1847-1900
Sachsen-Meiningen, Princess Marie Elisabeth von Romanze 1892
Schleicher-Krähmer, Caroline Sonatine c. 1820-27
Smith, Alice Mary Sonata in A 1870

20th Century

First name, Last Name Title of Work Date
Alberga, Eleanor Dancing With the Shadow Duo 1990
Albert, Adriene Reflections
Sam’s Dance
Appeldorn, Mary Jeanne Sonatine 1988
Archer, Violet Sonata 1970
Arrieu, Claude Capriccio 1970
La fete 1970
Petite chorale  
Un jeur d’ete 1976
Aubin, Francine Deux pieces en forme Jazz 1985
Un soir à Montfort-l’Amaury 1987
Una fioretti di Francesco 1987
Bauer, Marion Sonata 1932
Bernofsky, Lauren Solitude 1992
Bloch, Suzanne Andante  
Bremer, Carolyn Sonata 1995
Decruck, Fernande Elegie 1931
Arioso (for contrabass clarinet) 1932
Cantilène 1933
Recueillement 1949
Feigin, Sarah Fantasia 1996
Nigunim 1998
Reflections on a Niggun 1999
Gideon, Miriam Suite for Clarinet and Piano 1972
Gotkovsky, Ida Chanson 1970
Images de Norvege 1977
Griebling, Mary Ann Four Elements 1990
Gummer, Phyllis Fantasy Unfinished
Romance 1 1939
Romance 2 1939
Scherzo 1939
Gyring, Elizabeth Adagio Cantabile 1963
Heller, Barbara Avant et apres 1981
Holmes, Augusta Fantasie: Solo de Concours 1900
Molto Lento 1847-1900
Hoover, Katherine Ritual 1991
Hyde, Miriam Sonata in F Minor 1949
Larsen, Libby Song Without Words 1986
Lucas, Mary Sonata 1938
Lament before 1937
Rhapsody before 1937
Maconchy, Elizabeth Fantasia 1980
Moszumanska-Nazar, Krystyna Three Miniatures 1958
Price, Deon Nielsen Affects:Reflections on the Pacific  
Big Sur Tryptich  
Rise Up  
Affects: A Santa Barbara Rhapsody  
Perry, Zenobia Powell Sonata 1963
Rainier, Priaulx Clarinet Suite 1943
Rezende, Marisa Ânima 1944
Rueff, Jeanine Concertino 1950
Schaffer, Jeanne Three Faces of Woman 1995
Senfter, Johanna Sonatina 1925
Sehested, Hilde Intermezzo Pastorale (only partial score currently available)  1910
Semegen, Daria Three Pieces 1968
Setti, Kilza Cantilena 1978
Singer, Jeanne Nocturne 1978 (copyright date)
Smith-Moore, Undine Introduction and Allegro  
Sutherland, Margaret Sonata 1949
Swain, Freda The Willow Tree 1949
Two Contrasts: Heather Hill 1953
Rhapsody 1968
Tailleferre, Germaine Arabesque 1973
Trois danses 1929
Sicilienne 1928
Talma, Louise Three Dialogues 1968
Vehar, Pershall Persis Sound-Piece  
Three Pieces  
Jukebox Dances  
Vietor, Alba Rosa Popolino 1979
Vito-Delvaux, Berthe di Suite, Op. 14 (published, but unavailable)  1941
Sonatine, Op. 61 1953
Divertissiment, Op. 26 1943
Trois Pieces 1949

21st Century

Last, First Name Title Date
Barnett, Carol Variations, Oh Yes! 2008
Betinis, Abbie Rhapsodos 2016
Brandon, Jenni Cumulonimbus: The King of Clouds 2011
Coleman, Valerie Sonatina 2008
Fábregas, Elisenda Winged Serpent 2001
Heller, Barbara Mariendistel 2016
Higdon, Jennifer Sonata 2011
Izarra, Adina Dos Miniaturas Medievales 2003
Martin, Theresa Character Sketches 2003
Sonata 2005
Calcipher 2006
Growth Spurt 2007
Peaches at Midnight 2010
Paragon 2015
Morales-Matos, Sonia Divertimento Caribeno No. 2 2008
Syrse, Diana Nota Roja 2008
La Tortura 2012
Thomas, Augusta Read Song Without Words 2018
Walker, Gwyneth Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, “Genesis” 2005
Wallen, Errollyn Skip 2005

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