Louise Farrenc’s Nonet is Now Engraved and Available on IMSLP

Louise Farrenc

This week marks an exciting moment for the clarinet community. As March of 6th, 2021, an engraved copy of Louise Farrenc’s nonet op. 38 is now available on IMSLP!

Louise Farrenc (1794-1865), a French Romantic-era composer, teacher, and pianist virtuosa, is noted in the clarinet community for her Trio, Op. 44, for clarinet, cello, and piano, a Piano-Wind Sextet, Op. 40, and a Nonet, Op. 38. Her music has been included musictheoryexamplesbywomen.com, and her clarinet music appears on several albums.

The Op. 38 Nonet marked a significant turning point Farrenc’s career, as she was able to use the acclaimed premiere performance as leverage in her request to receive equal pay for her teaching position at the Paris Conservatory.

Courtesy of Julian Gau, you may now download both a score and a complete set of parts from IMSLP for study, performance, or recording. Julian Gau has also provided detailed editorial notes.

Click to read more about Louise Farrenc.

Happy practicing!

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